Stainless Steel Corrugated Flexible Hoses

  Stainless Steel Hoses produced From 1/4 to 10

  Grades SS-304/321/316/316-L

  Applicable Standards :
BS-6501 Part 1 : 2004- Metal Hose Assemblies
ISO- 10380: 2003- Pipe Work- Corrugated Metal Hose
and Hose Assemblies


  Stainless Steel Hose Assemblies produced as per customer drawing
and specifications

  The process of assembling of hose, braid and fitting is carried out
through TIG welding

  Type of end connections

  a) Threaded Type: BSP, BSPT, Metric, JIC & Other standards

  b) Flange Type: As per BS, ASA, DIN etc

 c) As per customer requirement


  Compensates for thermal expansion/ contraction in the piping system

  High physical strength

  Fire resistant

  Moisture resistant

  Longer life

  Good corrosion characteristics

  Resistant to abrasion, penetration and damage

  Connects misaligned rigid piping, absorbs or dampens vibration of similar equipments

  A flexible and quick option for rigid piping in difficult locations